Secular Families on the Palouse

Secular Families on the Palouse hopes to provide a sense of solidarity for secular families. For a long time, religious organizations were not merely a place to share faith but a source of community for their members. Parents interacting with other adults who were raising children with similar principles and children forging friendships within a group of like-minded people is something that is often missing for secular families.

Our group is intended to facilitate conversation and the exchange of ideas, provide support and resources, and encourage activities and connections with other parents from secular families. We hope to bring together families and create a community where the principles of humanism, such as inquiry and discovery, are encouraged.

The purpose of this group is to create a community of individuals who come together to exchange ideas, resources and provide support to one another.

Our goals include:

• regular meetings for parents
• social gatherings for families
• building a resource library
• connecting secular families together
• providing support for families
• education, including homeschooling support
• a quest for knowledge and critical thinking
• celebrating diversity

Secular Families on the Palouse is currently inactive. We need volunteers! If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, give us a shout!

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