The Humanists of the Palouse hopes to provide a community for individuals and families. Check out some of our programs for kids, join our book club, or get involved with one of our events!

Wonder Works

Wonder Works is a free summer day camp for kids in the Palouse region. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the camp for the summer of 2016 due to last minute staffing constraints. Please visit our Facebook page.

Textually Active

Textually Active is a non-fiction book club on the Palouse, serving the Moscow, ID and Pullman, WA area. New members are always welcome to join!

Secular Parenting on the Palouse

Secular Parenting on the Palouse is intended to facilitate conversation and the exchange of ideas, provide support and resources, and encourage activities and connections with other parents from secular families. We hope to bring together families and create a community where the principles of humanism, such as inquiry and discovery, are encouraged.